Are you tired of the norm?

I’m tired of my legislators ignoring issues like harmful algal blooms, the growing numbers of Covid-19, and the massive homeless crisis on the rise. I’ve heard from Democrats in the real estate business that the state legislature is not using the allotted money for affordable housing, for affordable housing. My whole life I’ve heard from folks that have been around longer than I have, talk about how the water used to be a bright beautiful crystal blue...not like the brown and black plumes we see today. In my studies of environmental engineering, we learn about this crisis and where it originates from. This is not news. Agriculture, both cattle and sugar, are the largest contributors to the algal bloom crisis. The secondary is residential fertilizers. My professors have known this for years, but our legislators don’t listen. They continue to cater to Big Sugar rather than supporting low-income, working families. 

I come from a home that has no air conditioning in Southwest FL. My biggest celebration when I win will be to be able to finally pay for AC for my mother, a woman who worked three jobs to put me in private school. The fact that hard-working people like her can’t have something as basic as air conditioning in their home, is what pushes me to fight men like Sugar Ray. 

Men like him, have made it the norm to neglect working families. He literally said he will not support a needed minimum wage increase even though the cost of living is exponentially surpassing wages; not to mention the poverty rate in Lee County before Covid-19 was 12%. He’s made it the norm to think that re-routing water pollution will prevent it in some way. He’s made it the norm to think that during a global pandemic it is ok to not have a mask mandate. 

I’m running for FL Senate to defy that norm. 

To prevent algal blooms we have to prevent agriculture from leaking their pollution and housing associations from fertilizing lawns. We need people to earn a living wage; one that takes into account all basic living necessities, otherwise the impoverished will never rise up out of poverty. 

We need to unite against the spread of covid-19 by doing our part, wearing a mask, and sanitizing our hands often. 

Stay tuned for more letters from the Florida Swamp. 


Candidate for FL Senate (Lee County)

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