I'm Powering to the Polls

It’s hard being a grassroots candidate but I am powering to the polls. Thanks to small donations I have been able to order and distribute 100 face masks and 100 face shields, order 100-yard signs, get thousands of website clicks through Facebook ads, film one 30 second TV add, film two interviews, and purchase a few thousand postcards. I also got donations of old signs which I paint and reuse.

At the start of my campaign, I innocently imagined a full paid staff; leaders of volunteer crews, managers, and social media people. At this point in the campaign, with 60 days left to beat Sugar Ray, nicknamed for his ties to Big Sugar and F minus environmental report card (click here for his voting record), I realize that’s not going to happen.

Thanks to a tip from my closest political role model, Cindy Banyai, I got in contact with an organization called Red to Blue today that does volunteer texting to voters. The only thing I have to pay for is the software; 0.06 cents per outgoing text and incoming texts are free. As an underfunded, grassroots candidate, this is a game-changer.

This texting campaign will be the main usage of my funds because it’s the cheapest AND most sustainable way to reach voters. I’m asking volunteers to call voters and make social media posts. Make sure everyone YOU know is registered to vote by mail so when the time comes, there will be no hiccups.

Through calling voters I have managed to recruit a few volunteers to write postcards and letters to the editor. Calling is the quickest and cheapest way to reach voters but post carding is a good secondary option for those a bit timid on the phone.

Also, new this week, I was contacted by a Republican supporter of Heather Fitzenhagen (lost her primary with Ray Rodrigues) who offered to help me make calls to other republicans. Even though I am a democrat, she is supporting me over my republican opponent because of the dirty politics he uses. Many women are angered by Ray’s vicious campaign against Heather which ultimately lost her the primary. In order to win, I need support from ALL women and I’m delighted by those who have joined me.

-Rachel Brown

Candidate for FL Senate, district 27

Power to the People.

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