Voting: why it matters most this year

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

This year the Democratic Environmental Caucus of FL has managed to find progressive candidates to run in 33 open state legislature positions. These are districts where republicans typically run unopposed and democrats and independents have no representation in the race. Voter turn out is typically very low because the public is forced to chose between one career politician and another, but now we have people running who actually want to be public servants. That means that democrats will have democrats to vote for and that people will have people to vote for instead of career politicians. I march with my city, I go to events in my city, I put on events about healthy living and sustainable practices in my city, I further my education in my city, I work low income jobs in my city and I pay rent in my city. I know the struggles of people in financial distress and I don't think it is right that those struggles are never addressed as the systemic problem that they are. I've talked to a few of the 33 progressive candidates and every one of them agrees we need to stand up for those who cannot afford to pay for rent, healthcare, childcare, and car insurance even after working full time or multiple jobs. We also need to establish a legal right to clean air and clean water, a right that individuals do not currently have. This issue is urgent because there is a preemptive legislation on Governor De Santis' desk right now to prevent the people from establishing that right. The preemptive bill is deceptively called the "Clean Waterways Act". The dynamic of establishment politicians making decisions on the people's behalf without their consent how will change if we work together to change it by organizing, striking, voting in November, and running people's choice candidates from now on. I am beyond honored to be a candidate for FL District 27 and I will do everything I can do to effectively represent the public.

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