How You Can Help:

Phone calling or texting voters
Door to door canvassing (face shield and hand sanitizer provided and required)
Sign making
Performing music at events
Taking pictures at events
Painting "Rachel Brown FL Senate 2020" on your car
Putting up a sign in your shop

​Resources the campaign needs: 

Sign making materials 
Car paint
Meals for volunteers
* Your skills.

    Email or call to let me know how you can help.

Job Opportunities & Service Learning

Volunteer Leads
Social Media Experts


Earn volunteer hours for College or high school, while getting political experience. 

FGCU students: you can earn 100% of your service learning in 1 month from working on this campaign.

Whatever your strengths are, you will be a valuable addition to our team. 

What you’ll be doing:

Campaign work for Rachel’s squad includes making phone calls and sending texts to voters, making signs, dropping campaign literature at people’s doors, writing letters to the editor, helping in actions like trash pickups. 

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