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Let's dismantle the political bureaucracy and replace it with democracy.


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Election Day

November 3rd, 2020

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I am the environmental candidate.

Here in Lee County, you don't have a legal right to clean air and water.  I believe you should. I am on the board of Lee County Rights of Nature. We are currently in a lawsuit with Governor DeSantis since he passed the SB 712 "Clean Waterways Act," which prevents that right from being established. It also makes it easier for companies to dump bio-solids into our waterways. 

Once ecosystems are given rights,  they can be defended in court. 

Establishing Rights of Nature will allow us to:

Stop clear-cutting for real estate, and keep fragile ecosystems that filter our water intact

Fight the ties between polluting companies and politics in court

Move forward with plans to sequester carbon, require testing of runoff from agriculture sites, and build a streamlined sewer system rather than individual septic systems that are a cost burden to the homeowner and the environment


*FGCU students: Earn volunteer hours for College or high school, while getting political experience. 

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