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Lets dismantle the political bureaucracy and replace it with democracy.


The Campaign Kicks Off

June 2020

I was born and raised in Naples, Florida and have lived in district 27 for seven years. I was asked to run by the Democratic Environmental Caucus of FL because of my environmental record and community involvement. I have been an organizer with the Sunrise Movement since 2019, planned events to help people get out to vote, organized and taken part in climate strikes, in addition to practicing permaculture and land restoration at home, and living a plant based diet for 14 years. I truly believe that a combination of individual and community efforts can make everyone's lives better. Communities should have solidarity with one another so that everyone can thrive and be heard which is why I have been marching with Black Lives Matter these past few months. There are so many positive changes to be made when we work together. 

I believe in prioritizing preventative measures. When property taxes fund our schools, our children do not have equal quality of education and thus eventually do not have equal opportunity in the workforce. When big agriculture funds political campaigns and universities, no one keeps them accountable for the runoff they are putting in our waterways. Lets dismantle the political bureaucracy and replace it with democracy!

I believe every person should have a legal right to clean air and clean water; a right that citizens of District 27 do not currently have. One of my opponents has supported a preemptive legislation to prevent the creation of that right. The preemptive bill is deceptively called the Clean Waterways Act. 

This legislation is one of many that are written and passed without the public's knowledge, yet it is an issue of public safety. 

There are so many things I'd like to share with you about why I agreed to run an so much that I want to hear from you about what I can do to represent you. 

There should have been a better plan of action for a crisis like the people have faced due to Covid-19. 

A livable wage needs to reasonably match the cost of living expenses. 

Human trafficking needs to be fought tooth and nail. 

Stay tuned for video and blog updates on issues, the campaign, and how you can help. Please email me questions and concerns. I'd like to be your public servant.


I am the environmental candidate.

I believe that everyone should have a legal right to clean air and clean water. My republican opponents have supported SB712 which prevents that right from being established. It also makes it easier for companies to dump bio-solids into our waterways. The Clean Waterways Act (SB712) is deceptively titled. 

How do we achieve a legal right to clean air and clean water for all? 

We give rights to nature. A company has rights so that people have security of their investments. Every person is born breathing and in need of water but we have no assurance that we will have clean air and water to breath and drink.

If ecosystems are given rights then they they can be defended. Our lives depend on it. 

Furthermore we need to stop clear cutting for real estate. We need to stop accepting political bribes from companies that pollute. We need to give our communities access to whole foods. Community gardens can supply jobs to the unemployed. 

Upcoming Events
League of Women Voters
Tue, Jul 14
Fort Myers
Jul 14, 11:00 AM
Fort Myers, Fort Myers, FL, USA
League of Women voters is a non-partisan organization that is holding a question and answer event for all the FL Senate district 27 candidates through zoom.
Democrats at Shell Point
Sat, Jul 25
Fort Myers
Jul 25, 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM
Fort Myers, Fort Myers, FL, USA
I am meeting the democrats of shell point through Zoom.

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